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Anglo European Studbook (AES)

Anglo European Studbook (AES)
The Anglo European Studbook (AES) has long been an established breeding association in the UK, dedicated to helping improve the breeding of dressage horses and showjumpers in the UK. High Offley Stud have long been members of the AES having used them to register our young horses and stallions.

For a stallion to be approved with the Anglo European stud book they must either be presented at a grading or prove themselves in the competition arena, AES stallions include Arko II, Russell, Triple X, Marius Claudius and many others. High Offley Stud stallions Arturo 8 was registered with the AES when he was imported from Germany as well as our stallion Sunnora Son (International grade A, by Its the Business). High Offley Stud have a long track record of successfully presenting young stallions to the AES and gaining approval from the AES judges. Currently the AES have 1000 stallions registered and these can be split into the different categories which determine how many mares they are allowed to cover each year.

The AES goals is to help support British riders, trainers and breeders to create sport horses for any equestrian disciple, with expert judge giving their opinions on the horses presented.

AES Registered Horses

The anglo european studbook is an accredited breeding association able to give passports for your horses, an anglo european passport shows the marking of your horse along with the pedigree and a place to keep track of your horses vaccinations

AES Horses For Sale

High Offley Stud have a large selection of horses for sale, majority of which are registered with the AES and have an anglo european studbook. High Offley Stud use proven competition bloodlines to produce outstanding progeny for all equestrian sports.

AES Stallions At Stud

High Offley Stud have stallions who have been graded and accredited by the AES studbook, putting there stamp of quality on the stallions available at stud at High Offley Stud.