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Daniel Dalsart Equestrian

If you own a horse and you don't know where to send it to be trained and competed in show jumping as he deserves ...

"We are the solution."

Daniel Delsart worked for 3 years for the best young horses specialist in France and for 2 years for one of the most famous British showjumpers, with whom he still trains and brings horses to their full potential.

3 days training for only £100
includes: stable for 2 nights, lorry park and hookup, 2 hours flat lesson, 1 hour grid work, 1 hour course training, opportunity for show/training at the show and knowledge on training different horses.


Born in Lens (northern france) 1st January 1987.
First son of Didier and Fabienne.
1 brother François born 1st January 1991.
Father Didier was a professionnel trot racing jockey for 15 years assisted by his wife, Fabienne. He is now vice-president of the Northen French Equestrian Community and also runs a riding center with 45 horses and over 250 licenced riders.

Daniel sat on his first pony at the age of 2 months, a pony called Vidock, which he rode till the age of 3. He did his first show aged 4 on a pony called Julie and won his first competiton with her that same winter.

Daniel started to ride more and more and all sorts of horses, mainly for his dad who had exchanged his racing career for showjumping. Oh and also farriery and horse dentistry. Daniel spent a lot of time at this young age being guided by his father on how to run a succesfull yard.

Subsequently Daniel trained for over 10 years with Mr Daniel LAMOUR , internationnal showjumper and trainer of the French young rider team. He also trained with internationnal dressage rider Mss Pascale THOMAS for over 5 years. The opportunity then arose to train with some of the top french showjumpers Mr Franck WANCRELYNGE, Mr Patrice CARON (Olympic Chef d'equipe) , Mr Bruno DELPLACE and Mr Nicolas DELMOTTE, to name but a few.

In 2004, after studying for the scientific baccalaurat with "maths speciality", Daniel was offered the opportunity to ride for Bruno BROUCQSAULT . Bruno is the only French rider who has won the Rolex World Cup (Milan 2003 with Dileme de Cephe) and also represented France at the Anthens 2004 Olympics Games. Bruno also competed in the Las Vegas World Cup Final on a horse he produced, Hooligan de Rosile. On top of this he is widely regarded as the best young horse trainer/rider in France.

Needless to say Daniel gained an immense amount of experience working in such a top professional yard. He now uses this knowledge on a day to day basis to produce horses to their full potential,at all levels. Daniel was also able to obtain his french instructors qualification (BPJEPS) at Bruno's, which required 240 hours teaching!

After 3 years riding for, and learning from, Bruno, Daniel had achieved many victories and titles. However, he decided it was time to move on and learn from another professionnal yard. He was offered the position of rider for British Olympic Showjumper Tim Stockdale. Daniel spent 2 years working with Tim and has gained invaluable experience from him, and improved his English!

Daniel has now set up his own training competition yard where he can bring together all his knowledge and experience to produce horses to their full potential and train successful riders.

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