Horse Wormers

Worms can be a major problem for horses and a regular worming regime is an important aspect of keeping your horse is great condition, horses are acceptable to worms from a young age and often get infested with large roundworm known as ascarid as a foal, they take approximately 12 weeks to develop and if untreated can grow up to 20 inches in length, these worms can cause damage to the horse lungs and intestine and if untreated can cause pneumonia. Another worm that often attacks foals and younger horses is threadworm, one of the symptoms that your horse has thread worm is diarrhea in your horse.

It is not just foals and young horses that can be affected by worms but is an issue any horse owner must be vigilant with the regular use of horse wormers.

If your horse has worms you may find them under neuriged as the worms have been taking a large proportion of there nutrients, so as well as the prevention and removal of worms from your horse, if your horse has suffered from worms then you may consider the use of horse supplements that could help your horse recover.

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