Tragic Death of leading lady rider Caroline Bradley

Caroline Bradley, Britains top woman equestrian, died Wednesday alter collapslng during a showjurnplng event. She was 37. Miss Bradley slumped to the ground after the first round of a competition at the Suffolk Show. Attempts to revive her failed and she was pronounced dead on arrival at lpswichch Hospital. The cause of death was not known.

Honored by Queen Elizabeth II in 1980 with the Member of the Order of the British Empire medal, Caroline Bradley was a leading international competitor. She andher former horse, Tigre. were judged the most exciting partnership in British showjurnplng and for five years - until she sold Tigre in 1981 after winning many of the sports top prizes.

Princess Margaret, the sister of Queen Elizabeth II was guest of honor at the show and expressed her shock at her death. Princess Anne, the queen’s daughter and a former Olympic equestrian. was friends of Caroline Bradley and was infomed at once of her tragic death.

A spokesman for the royal family said "We All find it very sad"