Veterinary specialist appointed for World Equestrian Games 2014

For the World Equestrian Games in France Normandy has recently attracted a special team of veterinary expertise. The FEI Veterinary suggested Anne Courouce-Malblanc to oversea all veterinary and health issues.

With less than 500 days before the 15-day event starts, the FEI has now focussed on ensuring the health of the more than 1,000 horses from all over the world.

The choice of Anne Courouce-Malblanc came about because of her knowledge of medicine of the horse, but also because of her interest in sports medicine and its good relations with national and international health organizations. For a long time she has been involved include the French Association of Equine Veterinarians (AVEF).

Courouce-Malblanc is responsible for reducing health risks in collaboration with national and international organizations concerned, the preparation of a veterinary management plan and the anti-doping controls.