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Equestrian Clothing

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The  equestrian footwear range, for men, women and children, has been designed to offer a practical and stylish selection of footwear that is durable,



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Katie Price Equestrian Clothing

Put some glamour & sparkle into your riding with KP Equine Clothing the new fashion label that has been launched by Katie Price aka Jordan. Katie Price has mad a number of appearances at top equestrian events promoting her new equestrian clothing range of fashionable hose ware products.

We all know that Katie Price has a sharp business brain and now shes turning it towards her greatest passion, horses. Katie Price has ridden for fun all her life but now shes getting serious, both as a competitive rider and with the launch of KP Equestrian, a dazzling new range of clothing and accessories for the horse and rider.

KP Equestrian is not a licensing deal but a division of Katies own retail manufacturing company, KDC Trading, of which she is Chairman and it is going to give a real shake-up to the equestrian business.

At last, quality fashion design is being applied to ridingwear to bring a much-needed touch of glamour to equestrian clothing.

Using a team of established high street fashion designers, Katie Price is giving a full make-over to some classic equestrian pieces as well as giving a horsey twist to some everyday leisure wear.

The first collection will be launched in September at one of Britains top equestrian events, the Burghley Horse Trials. For the first season, the range will be sold through an exclusive deal with Derby House, the UK's biggest equestrian retailer.

"I love everything about horses, even mucking out! but I have always found the clothes rather boring. So I thought I would create my own. I have had real fun putting the range together and its been brilliant doing it with my own company. I have been involved with everything. I think you can guess what the main colour in the collection is? and yes, of course, there is lots of sparkle! I am sure all the girls are going to love it, and not just the horse-mad ones, there is something there for everyone."

Katie Price began her modeling carrear at the age of sixteen, soon after that Jordan, the glamour model, was born. Under her modelling name, Jordan, she successfully established herself as a fresh face in glamour modelling - and soon became a regular in the nation's best loved tabloids. Katie Price is well known for her frank, direct views and bold statements on issues that concern her.

Katie Price has a lifetime love intrest with horses and the equestrianism world, in 2008 Katie Price performed at the horse of the year show doing a dressage test riding her own Jordans glamour girl. 2008 also saw Katie Price launch her dedicated equine clothing range designed to bring both fashion and glamour to the horse world . Katie Price has since extended he stable of horses and is training with top competition rider Andrew Gould. Her clothing range KP equestrian has been an asounding success and since its iniial launch exclusevely through Derby House and is now being extended to other countries.

Katie Price - Equine Clothes

KP Equestrian Clothing

A leading equine fashion brand from Katie Price bringing glamour to the horse world. KP Equestrian clothing range includes T-shirts, jackets, vest tops and hoodies buy online at stable express.

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