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Cornelia Schimmel

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Cornelia Schimmel horse rider profile at stableexpress, find Eventing results from Cornelia Schimmel and many other leading Eventing riders.

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Horse News - Cornelia Schimmel

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Cornelia Schimmel Competition Results

Wanted 30 Ponies with or without laminitis for trial
We need 30 owners willing to take part in a preliminary trial of a brand new natural compound extracted from a native plant with anti laminitic properties. This unique extract has been developed by leading scientists from the University of Wales and its action is to prevent the sugars from grass and hay being absorbed from the gut into the blood stream and should help prevent laminitis from fructan induced laminitis. The compound comes in an eas

Adequan/FEI North American Junior and Young Rider Championships Second Veterinary Inspection
Competitors at the Adequan/FEI North American Junior and Young Rider Championships were up bright and early this morning for the final veterinary inspection. Horses and riders arrived at the jog lanes behind the Kentucky Horse Park steeplechase barn at 7:00, groomed and dressed in their best.

The jog started with the CH-J*. The first horse sent to the holding box for further inspection after the jog was Charlotte Evans's 15 year-old New

Gold Label Aloe Vera Juice for dogs
A general tonic that promotes well-being, energy and joint-suppleness. Available in 250ml and 1lt bottles.

Gold Label are a leading provider of horse supplements, find equine supplements online at stableexpress - Gold Label

A yearling is a young horse of either sex that is between one and two years old. Yearlings are comparable in development to a very early adolescent, they are not fully mature physically, and while they may be in the earliest stages of sexual maturity, they are considered too young to be breeding stock.

In addition, the word colt may also be used to describe a male horse, and the term filly is used to describe a female horse. Both "colt" a

Dubai CSI
Results from CSI

Walmsley Premierbed
Horse Website - Walmsley Premierbed - Walmsley Premierbed Card bedding is made from clean highly absorbent corrugated cardboard chopped into little square pieces. It is the modern dust-free alternative to the traditional horse bedding materials such as straw, hemp and wood shavings.

Walmsley Premierbed Card is simple, cost effective and highly efficient and is designed to meet the strict criteria already used extensively by racing yard

Sports Horse Breed
Horse Breeding

Bonart collection of Town and Country clothing. New for this season is our fabulous range of structured jackets and waistcoats in our exclusive Scottish tweed, to complement our shooting and outdoor garments.

Our wide range of traditional Town and Country shirts is as strong as ever, with new designs and the ever popular fleece-lined shirts.

Building on the successful introduction of ladies wear last season, we have extended

Equestrian Find Twitter Followers
Twitter Marketing Stable Express Digital Marketing Advice - Some doubters thought Twitter would be part of Facebook or Google by now, or replaced by their services. But Twitter is still growing rapidly and is popular with millions of users from aro

Horse Website Directory

If your are looking for an equestrian business search our online equine directory with 1000's of businesses from around the world we can help you find equine businesses & services what ever your needs.

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