Michael Whitaker

Born and raised on his parents’ farm in Yorkshire, Michael Whitaker is younger brother of John Whitaker. Michael Whitaker and his three brothers John, Steven & Ian were taught to ride by their mother, a keen horsewoman. Michael was soon competing on ponies of his own at the age of 7, as well as those of friends.

His experience quickly took him on to horses where he earned a reputation as a strong and determined rider. In 1980, Michael Whitaker became the youngest ever winner of the famous Hickstead Derby at the age of 20. In September 1993 Michael took over from his brother John as the world’s Number One for the first time in his career. In 1999 Michael was the highest placed British rider in the World Cup Final finishing 5th overall with Virtual Village Ashley and he beat this record by finishing third with Handel II in 2001.

Michael Whitaker is one of the leading british showjumping riders of all time and has competed in 4 Olympic games, 10 European Championships & 3 World Championships winning many medals along the way Michael Whitaker has also won many championships over the year including the King Cup 4 times aswell as the Hickstead Derby 4 times.

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