Online Tack Shop

Do you feel lost in a tack shop? If you are a new horse owner or a beginning rider, entering a tack shop can be intimidating. We will bring you up to speed on what equestrian clothing you will need for yourself and a few of the basics for your horse.

Our online videos covers saddle shopping, which can be the most difficult chore if you aren’t aware of the basic differences. Saddles can be a huge investment and it is important to purchase one that is right for the type of riding you will be doing. Learn about the basic styles and possible price differences you will encounter while shopping.

Kids Equestrian Riding Helmet

A perfectly fitted riding helmet is essential for the safety of young riders. Choosing the right equestrian riding helmet for your child can be confusing.

The Troxel Spirit Helmet has been is a fantastic choice in helmets for children. It allows ample ventilation and has an easy to use Dial Fit System that allows for your child’s growth and assures a secure fit. It is also incredibly durable for trail riding and has a mesh liner that can be removed for washing.

The Troxel Spirit Helmet is perfect for horse camp, lessons and trail riding.

The Best in Riding Breeches

I never thought riding breeches were all that important. I was always fairly comfortable riding in jeans and half-chaps. As my skills as a rider advanced, so did my needs. I also found that after loosing a significant amount of weight, I needed more protection while I was riding (or I would walk around sore and bruised for days).

After some exploration I came across these amazing riding breeches that are designed for peak performance, unparalleled comfort and a little extra protection. They were exactly what I was looking for!

Take a look at this video from HorseGirl TV. Our host interviews the equestrian riding clothing designer of FITS riding breeches. She explains how she (a lifetime equestrian) developed these high performance riding breeches with the riders comfort and muscle support in mind.

Equestrian Riding Clothing

Equestrian riding clothing for hunt / jump training.

Riding Boots: Riding boots are designed to allow your foot to slide out of the stirrup if you fall or are thrown from the horse. A stuck foot is a very dangerous situation! Riding boots are also designed for optimal ankle flexibility to avoid injury and facilitate a more comfortable ride. A beginning rider should look for a standard paddock boot (they come in zip up or tie).

Riding Helmet / Hard Hat: The traditional black velvet riding hat that used by English style equestrians is for far more than looking cute. It is another important part of your safety while riding. If you are just starting out, your equestrian center may have helmets you could borrow, but don’t expect a perfect fit. This is an item that needs to be carefully fitted, so I advise going to your local tack shop to get measured carefully. If you plan to buy online, have someone help you measure carefully according to the manufacturers instructions and verify that they have a flexible return policy before buying.

Children’s Riding Helmets: When my daughter first started riding we bought the expensive velvet helmet, but since then (4 helmets later) we have begun buying the hard plastic ventilated helmets with adjustable settings. This is extremely helpful, because she had been outgrowing her helmets in less than a year. A secure fix is necessary for maximum protection, especially when your child begins learning to canter or jump.

Riding Pants / Breeches: I do not consider riding pants an essential, but most riders do. If you are on a tight budget this is one item that could wait until you or your child has spent a little more time in the saddle. Riding pants are designed to protect your legs from rubbing and irritation caused by contact with the saddle and stirrups. Whether or not you need these from the start is really a personal preference and some people find jeans or other comfortable snug fitting pants fine for casual riding. Others find wearing jeans painful or uncomfortable.

If riding quickly becomes a passion for you or your child, you will find there is much more than these basics in equestrian riding clothing. Adding protective vests, half chaps, riding gloves and specially designed riding breeches may enhance your riding experience.

Ariat Sport Full Seat Breech

Full seat breeches provide muscle support and optimal freedom of movement while riding. These breeches are comfortable enough for daily wear and will look great in the show ring. Specially designer to fix your calves comfortably. Get more details about Ariat Sport Rhythm Full Seat Breech - Beige, Black or White