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Ramiro Z - Zangersheide Foundation Breeding Stallion
Carthago Z - Olympic Show Jumper
Zander Z - Zangersheide Show Jumping Stallion
Air Jordan - Showjumper

High Valley Z - Stallion

Zangersheide Stallion - Chicago I Z

Zangersheide Stallion - Crown Z

Zangersheide Stallion - Carthano Z

Caretano Z - Zangersheide Stallion


Studfarm Zangersheide is located at the similarly named domain in Lanaken (Belgium). That is where Zangersheide first began with their showjumping stables at the beginning of the seventies, which later developed into a studfarm. A few decades later, in 1992, Studbook Zangersheide was started, a showjumping studbook dedicated for breeding showjumping horses! Zangersheide are the result of the initiatives of Léon Melchior, who turned the breeding of showjumping horses into his equestrian magnus opus. Under his supervision the studfarm grew into a center of knowledge and practical know-how and became a trendsetter in modern showjumping horse breeding. With the passion of a scientist, the precision of an artist and the enthusiasm of an entrepreneur, Zangersheide, managed by a 'captain of horse industry', plotted the route along which Z showjumping horses reached the top.

One of the great treasures developed at Zangersheide is the knowledge derived from practical experience, in such a measure as to create a resolute and effective operation. Rapidly and purposefully Zangersheide focused on showjumping horses. But Zangersheide realised that in a world where changes follow each other in quick succession, emerging unexpectedly and always from a different direction, Zangersheide would never make it with just knowledge derived from practical experience alone. Because Zangersheide wanted to book progress in the showjumping horse breeding world they recruited the best scientists in horse genetics and with their aid developed highly advanced reproduction techniques. Zangersheide's total concept is based on research and pioneering, on sport marketing and programmed breeding. Zangersheide philosophy is the purposeful breeding for the sport. Techniques such as AI, X-ray examination, embryo transplantation, endoscopic insemination Zangersheidere cultivated into what now has become daily practice.

Zangersheide's growing success is largely a question of regularly paying attention to things that matter and to make sure that various things change. Often Zangersheide tackled large scale issues or provocative matters, such as research into the hereditariness of OCD. To everyone's surprise Zangersheide actually succeeded. Zangersheide have flourished from the co-operation and even from the occasional conflicts with riders and institutions. But Zangersheide made progress mainly by following very normal principles and beliefs, which are comprehensible and durable. In spite of tensions and pressure, Zangersheide resolutely continued to work towards and invest in the qualitative improvement of show jumping horses. Studfarm Zangersheide is constantly curious about its clients and competitors. Zangersheide always aim for the top-class performances which make our breeding products so popular. In the showjumping horse breeding world Zangersheide are a like a guru who drank from the source of modern corporate culture. Zangersheide have ushered showjumping horse breeding into a new era!

About 15 years ago Zangersheide noticed that there was a need for an open studbook that concentrates its breeding efforts on the sport of showjumping and not any specific horse breed type. A studbook that is open for change and development, which devotes itself to improve "the showjumping horse" in all kinds of areas. Something had to be done to bring breeding and the sport closer together! So Studbook Zangersheide was born in 1992. A studbook that manages to create surplus value for its breeders and opens a world-wide market for their products. Also a studbook that tries all ways to "upgrade" the showjumping horse by means of techniques such as AI and ET, which Zangersheidere both developed at Zangersheide, and performs research, still going on, to drive out OCD.

In a world where borders are virtually disappeared Studbook Zangersheide allows you to profit from this globalization that has also reached horse breeding. The open policies of the studbook and the unique services it offers will guarantee that the best genetic material from anywhere in the world is made available to you. Your products are brought to the attention world-wide through Z-Magazine published in four languages. From our headquarters in the center of the of Europe the supremacy of Zangersheide products is conquering the world market.

"Z" is a quality label of world fame! You, too, can profit from this imago which gives surplus value to your products. The DNA-testing to which all foals are submitted makes that owners can fully rely on the authenticity of the horse's papers. You can also gain financially when your products excel at our events or anywhere else in the sport. Zangersheide do not leave our breeders standing out in the cold. Our successful auctions with professional promotion and marketing will open the door for you to get a good price for your foals. Top-foals go at top-prices!

Our liberal and professional approach offers several benefits and opportunities that will please you, as a breeder:

  • Free subscription to Z-Magazine
  • The right to start your Z-foals and Z-youngsters in Z-Festival, an event that has shown to be commercially attractive to breeders
  • Participation in the Zangersheide Quality Auctions which always fetches high prices
  • A European passport with surplus value
  • There is a ranking for Z- products operating in the international sport
  • Breeders receive € 30,000 every year in breeders bonuses
  • Participation in the Z Stallion Selection
  • Free advertising on the Zangersheide web site
  • Enjoy the advantage which the Z-label brings you when selling your products
If you breed showjumping horses, Studbook Zangersheide will give you a leg up!


  Al-Marah Quebec
    - x - ()

  Badi Beh Rhum
    - x - (1978 )

  WN Winter Park
    - x - ()

  1 An Only
    Vero. x - ()

  Magic Suprise
    Magic Darco x - ()

  Millfield Cairo
    Calido I x - (2008 )

  Trevoulter Lord Locarno
    Locarno 62 x - (2006 )

  Pauldarys Atlas
    - x - ()

    Pop Idol x Magic Darco ()

    - x - (2006 )

    - x - (2002 )

  DB Golden Banjo
    - x - (2000 )

  Ima Three Bar Jet
    - x - ()

  Gold Obsession
    - x - ()

  Glenro Mystery
    - x - ()

    - x - (2001 )

    - x - (2003 )

    - x - ()

  Broadstone Landmark
    Lancier x - (1988 )

  Gigant (Akhal Tekes)
    Gektor x - (1987 )


Zangersheide Stud is a leading showjumping yard and regularly has horses competing at many of the leading showjumping championships. Having some of the leading showjumping horses in the world Zangersheide Stud has managed to attract some of the leading showjumping riders.

Jos Lansink - Showjumper Jos Lansink
A leading International show jumper Jos Lansink has represented both Holland & Belgium. Jos Lansink competed many of Zangersheide's most succesfull stallions including Zandor Z, High Valley Z, Caretano Z and Carthago Z. Jos Lansink competed Zangersheide horses all over the world in grand prix's, nations cups & wc qualifier including Carthago Z who he competed at 2 olympic games.A leading International show jumper Jos Lansink has represented both Holland & Belgium. Jos Lansink competed many of Zangersheide's most succesfull stallions including Zandor Z, High Valley Z, Caretano Z and Carthago Z. Jos Lansink competed Zangersheide horses all over the world in grand prix's, nations cups & wc qualifier including Carthago Z who he competed at 2 olympic games.
Jos Lansink - Showjumper Judy Ann Melchior
Daughter of Zangersheide Studs founder Leon Melchior, Judy Ann Melchior is one of Belgiums leading young riders. Judy Ann Melchior now rides many of Zangersheides horses very succesfully at international level
Ludo Philippaerts - Belgium Show Jumper Ludo Philippaerts
Ludo Philippaerts is a leading Belgium showjumper who formed part of the Zangersheide team. Ludo Philippaerts competed in three Olympic Games. In 1992 (Barcelona) he was 7the on his BWP stallion Darco, in Sydney 2000 he finished at fourth place riding BWP gelding Verelst Otterongo. Ludo is always last rider in the Belgian team for the Nations Cup. For the last two years he is a top ten rider.
With Verelst Otterongo Ludo Philippaerts took 2nd place at the 2001 European Championships in Arnhem

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