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Galloper Horseboxes

Galloper Horseboxes

Galloper Horseboxes was originally formed in 2009, it was born out of the vast experience gained from a company who used to repair Commercial vehicles and their numerous types of bodies, Having repaired and resprayed many Horseboxes over the years the decision was made to build Horseboxes under the name ‘Galloper Horseboxes’.

Galloper Horseboxes were the first company to make the Plastic Horsebox Body, not only light but very strong and able to legally carry 2 Horses with it’s 1350kg payload on the 3.5t Horsebox range, Majority of 3.5t Horseboxes can only carry 850kg which renders them a 1 Horsebox or a 2 Pony box.

When Galloper Horseboxes made a 7.5t Horsebox stalled for 3 with luxury living the payload astonished us all with a 3000kg payload when finished, we had originally aimed for 2500kg to put it head and shoulders above the rest but when finished we couldn’t have been happier. This was sold to Kitty King (3 day eventer) who has one of the legal 3 Horse carrying 7.5t trucks in the Equestrian World.

We developed a 3.5t Horsebox that could be driven by grooms / riders / parents etc that have excellent weight carrying capabilities and better fuel economy experienced by the larger Horsebox used to carrying 2 Horses, In fact our 3.5t plastic bodied Horseboxes have even greater payloads than some 7.5t Horseboxes driven about today !!!

Galloper Horseboxes are proud to be associated with many top riders who have purchased a Galloper Horsebox, You will see a vast array of Galloper Horseboxes in the Lorry Parks at 3 day events and even Pony Clubs. Once you have purchased a Galloper Horsebox you become part of the ‘Preferential Club’ and we are always on hand to assist with alterations and add on’s as time goes by. We are immensely proud of every Galloper Horsebox built and know what our customers like very well, some want traditional appearances and we have fitted a bespoke Oak kitchen into one without batting an eyelid, and some want all the modern appliances with ovens connected to microwaves and then widescreen TV’s and even a small American fridge so this can keep the beer and wine cool for the odd weekend away at an event !!!!

Our 3.5t Transport Boxes have a 1350kg payload, the ‘L’ model has seats in the rear so you can sit and relax at an event, and the ‘XL’ version has double bunks, Hob and saddle lockers. Obviously the more extras and longer the chassis to accommodate extra living goes against the payload, yet our 350 XL has an 1100kg payload so it is still a force to be reckoned with against other 3.5t Horse carrying vehicles available on the market.

The Galloper 650 (6.5t) is a typical ladies box, easy to drive with power steering and great visibility, drives more like a car than a 6.5t Horsebox, we tend to build these on Iveco Daily Chassis and our sister company ‘West Country Car Sales Ltd’ has a team constantly scouring the country for the cleanest, low mileage vehicles available, we don’t purchase our vehicles from auctions and come away with something we don’t even know; all potential Galloper Chassis are purchased through a network of dealers and thoroughly tested before we purchase the donor chassis on your behalf.

The Galloper 750 Ultra Lightweight, Classic and Lightweight Transport Boxes all have that magical Galloper touch added to them, These can be built with payloads up to 3500kg and 4 to 5 Horse carrying capacity. Our local Horse Racing Trainer Colin Tizzard currently has a Galloper built Transport Box that is stalled for 4 and a payload that exceeds 3000kg, Wally Irvine ‘Horse Transport’ also has a 4 Horse carrying box built by Galloper and again with an excellent payload.

In 2011 Galloper Horseboxes was purchased by Mr Reg Payne from Cullompton, Devon. Mr Payne’s wife Lesley was looking to purchase a Horsebox and they liked the product so much they bought the company, The purchase of Galloper Horseboxes couldn’t of happened at a better time as Mr Payne has invested heavily with new machinery, tools, jigs etc to take Galloper Horseboxes to a new level. With his business experience along with his drive and determination Galloper Horseboxes has gone from strength to strength each day. His foresight along with Mrs Lesley Payne’s knowledge of the Equestrian world has sealed many future sales and some excellent approved by Insurance company repairs.

Mrs Lesley Payne is heavily into the Western Riding scene, she is a member of the AQHA – UK (American Quarter Horse Association) and can be contacted via this website for information / advice regarding this up and coming sport, She has many Quarter Horses and can be regularly seen competing at many shows around the country. Her daily Horse drive is Galloper 650XL (6.5t Iveco Daily) with side ramp. If you should bump into her at a show she would willingly show you her Horsebox and discuss your requirements should you wish to purchase one similar. Mrs Payne hasn’t been spoilt with a new Horsebox by her Husband, her Galloper Horsebox was built on a 2004 Iveco Daily and unless you remember the year I have written down here when you view it you will think it’s new. Galloper pride themselves with the finish of their boxes, from the interior fittings to the quality of the paintwork. And Mrs Payne’s box is proof in the pudding to this fact !!

Should you wish to purchase, view, discuss etc then please do contact us here and we would be more than willing to talk to you, we are fully conversant with the current licensing changes and can advise you with most dilemmas surrounding this, we fully understand the weight issues encountered by many and have materials in stock to make partitions lighter or even change the inside around so more weight can be carried rather than the vast over-kill living built into Horseboxes from years gone by when Horsebox builders thought they were immune from VOSA and the weight restrictions placed upon them.

Our knowledgeable staff can also advise with what can be driven and towed since the entitlement placed upon pre-1997 licences has been removed. It is better to be safe and sure rather than rush and regret, we do offer a pre-purchase inspection service for vehicles not built by Galloper and cater for most tastes when it comes to interior design and colour !!

Galloper are your one stop Horsebox shop.

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