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Boss Horseboxes

Boss Horseboxes

With its unique styling and superior payload, the Supa-Lite 35 achieves its rugged durability through the use of advanced materials, skilled craftsmanship and excellent design,whilst remaining lightweight: It is truly the ultimate 3.5 tonne two horse horsebox.

Throughout the Supa-Lite 35 you'll find many additional features and attention to detail not found on other boxes, which is a testament to care and quality - the hallmark of BOSS Horseboxes. Built for longevity, your BOSS Horsebox will give years of excellent service whilst retaining its good looks and protecting your investment.

We constantly strive for perfection and customer satisfaction. Each BOSS box is built with pride and can be tailored to your individual needs. We have many options - we discuss frankly and  honestly with you, our customers, what is best for your particular use so that you have the ideal box.

Built in North Wales, we have viewing facilities all over the country and Agents in the South East

Paul Williams and Clive Ecroyd own and run BOSS. Pauls wife Emma heads the admin team and Clives wife Penny heads the secretarial and accounting role.

Paul has 20 years experience in building horseboxes.

Clive is an aerospace trained engineer and has run engineering based manufacturing businesses for 35+ years.

In 2009 Clive and Paul got together with a goal of designing a super lightweight highest quality 3.5 tonne horsebox that was superior in design, weight carrying capacity and features to anything on the market. One and a half years later the Boss 35 was born. This new concept has radical aerodynamic styling and great options. Launch was a great success and the order book filled with deliveries from new orders taking 6 weeks.

The new Boss 35 two horse box is positioned to take maximum advantage of the 3.5 tonne laws which allow drivers from 17 years old to drive on a car licence under car rules. No special licence, MOT not plating, no tachograph, no drivers hours recording or speed limiters apply.

We believe that as fuel becomes more expensive the switch from 7.5 tonne upward  horseboxes will be to the 30+ mpg 2 horse 3.5 tonne horseboxes.

When Boss researched the competitors, and there are many of them, the opportunity to make a high quality, beautiful, competitively priced 3.5 tonne horsebox was obvious.

We closely examined most 3.5 tonne horseboxes on the market and found in many cases exaggerated weight carrying capacity claims. ( The weighbridge does not lie.)

In many boxes, whilst being serviceable, good looks were a rarity, and the design and layouts were open to improvement. We also found unsuitable materials were being used that were both heavy and subject to rot or rust.

We knew we could do better and did. The new Boss 35 is stylish and aerodynamically fuel efficient, loaded with features and does not rot, it will out perform its competitors as value for money due to its realistic pricing and high residual values, and has up to 1.25 tones carrying capacity. (weighbridge certificated)

The Boss 35 is designed and built to be the Best 3.5 tonne horsebox on the market without compromise. Our customers agree with us.

Telephone: 01352 732277     Date Added:  Email:

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Iveco Horseboxes

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Iveco Ford cargo 7.5 tonne horsebox

1998 chassis with 2005 body conversion by PW Conversions. Has seperate cab fitted with cctv monitoring system for horses. Horse section has tie rings, large adjustable partitions, rubber matting, roof vent with fly screen, opening windows, hydraulic

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Equi-Star 2 horse compact living 2008 3 Litre HDI

Equi-star 2 horsebox with compact living-Hunter Plus - Fast and economical 2008 Citroen Relay 35 HDI 3 Litre Diesel engine, LWB Metallic Blue,Two horse travelling backwards, Sleeps Two and day living. Tinted opening windows in horse area, roof vent,

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G.Cooke is a family business established by Geoff and Joyce Cooke in 1974 at Haslington, Cheshire and has gained over 25 years experience in the design and manufacture of the finest quality coachbuilt vehicles in the country. Geoff originally learnt

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Wanted Lehel Virage

Wanted lehel Virage I am looking for a Lehel 2000 onwards NON HGV, but will consider other models and year, cash waiting for the right horsebox.WILLING TO TRAVEL

Horse Boxes For Sale - Highfield Horseboxes

Highfield Horseboxes

We can design and build your box to your individual requirements. All work is to a very high standard. Boxes from "Hunting Boxes" to more luxury, coachbuilt lightweight designs. Our horseboxes are built & designed to ensure you and your horses travel

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Horsetrailer, Carries 2 stalls - Clwyd

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