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Daf Horseboxes  

Daf Horseboxes  

DAF Trucks NV is a Dutch truck manufacturing company and a division of PACCAR. Its headquarters and main plant are in Eindhoven. Cabs and axle assemblies are produced at its Westerlo plant in Belgium. Some of the truck models sold with the DAF brand are designed and built by Leyland Trucks at their plant in England.

In 1928 Hubert "Hub" van Doorne founded the company as Commanditaire Vennootschap Hub van Doorne's Machinefabriek. His co-founder and investor was Huenges, managing director of a brewery. Van Doorne had repaired Huenges' car several times. Huenges was so pleased with his work that he offered to finance him in business. Hub started to work in a small workshop on the grounds of the brewery. In 1932 the company, now run by Hub and his brother, Wim van Doorne, changed its name to Van Doorne's Aanhangwagen Fabriek (Van Doorne's Trailer Factory), abbreviated to DAF. Huenges left the company in 1936 and the DAF company was now completely in the hands of the van Doorne brothers.

After the Second World War, luxury cars and trucks were very scarce. This meant a big opportunity for DAF. In 1949 the company started making trucks, trailers and buses, changing its name to Van Doorne's Automobiel Fabriek (Van Doorne's Automobile Factory). The first truck model was the DAF A30.

In the winter of 1954 Hub van Doorne had the idea to use belt drive, just like many of the machines in the factory that were belt-driven, to drive road vehicles. In 1955 DAF produced its first drafts of a car belt drive system. Over the next few years the design was developed and refined. In February 1958 DAF demonstrated a small belt-driven four-seater car at the Dutch car show (the AutoRAI). The public reaction was very positive and 4000 cars were ordered. In 1959 DAF started selling the world's first car with a continuously variable transmission, the small four-seater DAF 600. This was the first of a series of models to be released in subsequent years, including the DAF 33, DAF 44, DAF 55 and DAF 66, all using the innovative Variomatic transmission system.

In 1967 DAF opened a new plant in Born for car production. The 44 was the first model to be produced there.

In 1972, International Harvester of Chicago, IL bought a 33% stake in DAF (with the Dutch government holding 25% and the Van Doorne family holding the remaining 42%), forming a joint-venture. This agreement lasted until 1981.

DAF sold its passenger car division, along with what is now the NedCar factory in Born, in 1975 to the Swedish company Volvo Cars, leaving DAF to concentrate on its successful line of trucks.

In 1987 DAF merged with the Leyland Trucks division of Rover Group, and was floated on the Dutch stock exchange as DAF NV. The new company traded as Leyland DAF in the UK, and as DAF elsewhere.

DAF's 95 series was launched in 1987, bringing DAF their first International Truck of the Year title for 1988. The 95 featured an all new cab developed jointly with ENASA of Spain, a revised version of the 11.6 litre ATI engine rated at 310, 350 and 380 bhp, and 16 speed ZF gearbox. On the Continent Eaton's Twinsplitter gearbox was an option. Much attention was paid to soundproofing - the gearlinkage for example, was telescopic - the 95 series being quieter in-cab than many luxury cars! An update in 1991 saw new ratings of 330, 360 and 400 bhp; and the 430 bhp version in early 1992. The next development came but 2 years later. DAF had studied the requirements of the ultra long haul market sector and the result was the 95.500 Super Spacecab. The 95 series cabin had gained height and length, and sat atop Cummins' 14 Litre engine rated at 507 bhp. A heavy duty ZF gearbox was fitted and a new innovation was the hydraulic gearshift developed by Konsberg of Norway. The 'Super' offered interior standing room of 2.25m, a luxury bunk with generous stowage underneath and a full range of options were available including microwave, fridge, TV/video. The basic cab design remains in production to this day, latterly as the 95XF and now the XF105, although both these developments of the original 95 are totally different machines under the skin. Other vehicles in the DAF range have included the inherited from Leyland trucks Roadrunner (Badged DAF 600, 800, 1000 On the Continent) which evolved into the 45 Series, the cab of which was used on the 18 ton gross 55, also as a military spec 4x4. An all-new medium to heavyweight line up debuted in late 1992, the 65,75 and 85 utilising the same wedge shaped cab, featuring some clever styling details.

A short-lived model was the 1990-93 80 Series using the T45 Roadtrain cab acquired from the Leyland trucks takeover, fitted with the ATI driveline. Also offered for a short period was the 3200, basically a modernised 2800 with the corporate grille.

DAF Bus was split off of in 1990 to become a part of United Bus.

Following difficulties in the British market, DAF NV went bankrupt in 1993. A new company, DAF Trucks, appeared in the Netherlands as a result of a management buy-out of the Dutch operations, as did Leyland Trucks and LDV (vans) in the UK.

In 1996 PACCAR acquired DAF Trucks. Interestingly, DAF Trucks and Leyland Trucks were rejoined in 1998 when PACCAR also acquired Leyland Trucks.

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Volkswagen is a major supplier of horseboxes, Volkswagen trucks always have that little bit extra as standard, making them the natural choice of drivers and operators everywhere. Stableexpress have partnered with leading horse manufactuer of horseb

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DAF 45 150 Dec 2000 2 stall 07 build

full lux living, please email for full spec and more pictures. Location: Warwickshire Contact Details Mob: 07788863963 Mob: 07760112255

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Oakley Horsebox - 6 speed M.A.N. 2001 - 98000 miles - horsebox mileage only. 6/7 stalls with strong H partitions spring loaded. Compact living, sink, hob, grill, wardrobe, top cupboards. Sleeps 2 - integral. Metallic silver, remounted body, engine ac

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East Riding Horseboxes, a horsebox manufacturer based in Long Riston near Beverley, East Yorkshire are a family business who have been manufacturing horseboxes for over 25 years from the same site.  With a small team, we only have 2, maybe 3 horsebox

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Horsebox, Carries 2 stalls with Living - County Antrim

2008 Renault Master 2008 Renault Master Low Mileage 2 Horse Strong Lightweight design Storage locker, Water tanks, Horse wash On Board On Board Camera, Reversing camera

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An Annard Horsebox combines quality, comfort and power to define what horse transport should be all about. Its about safety, reliability, performance and something else that youve worked your whole life for luxury. At Annard, we dont just want to s

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Whittaker Coachbuilders have more than 20 years experience in building custom built horseboxes, with attention to detail to ensure the quality finish you expect. We feel that it is important for both you and your horses to feel welcome, relaxed and

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