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Fly Off

Fly Off - Fly Repellent

24/7 Fly Repellent For Horses

Fly Off is a pretty new fly repellent product for horses, embracing new technology and a new formula to help keep flies away from your horse or pony. Fly Off works by attaching one or more tablets to your horse with use of a leg strap or attached to your horses head collar, these new tablets last for up to 2 weeks and protect your horse 24/7, they are also waterproof so will not be made ineffective in the event of rain. Fly Off is proving to be very popular for horse owners and is getting some excellent reviews.

Fly Rugs

Fly Rugs

Fly Rugs / Fly Masks

Fly rugs are a popular choice for horse owners, they can prove to be incredibly effective against flies, although will not protect your horses head and face, for this you need the addition of a a fly mask to give your horse the full protection, fly masks are very effective but some horses may not like there eyes covering with a fly mask and can rub them off, or struggle when you try to put them on.

Fly Sprays / Natural Remedies

Fly Spray

Fly Sprays / Natural Fly Spray

The use of fly spray is a long favoured approach to fly repellent, from one of the many commercially or natural home made fly spray remedies, almost all will help keep your horse clear of flies, the negative side of fly spray is the limited amount of time they last most will need re-applying on a daily basis, also in many cases the fly spray is not resilient to rain so if it rains may need putting back on to your horse.

Fly Off - Fly Repellent

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