Security Horse Stable & Yard Security
Stable yards are home of some very valuable assets, these include horseboxes, tack not to mention the horses themselves. These assets must be protected, with many thieves seeing the countryside and equestrian properties as soft targets it is important that you take proportions to protect your property.

Security Gates

The first line of defense is the outer barrier of your property, if you have a decent gate that is lockable then this can form an excellent deterrent to potential burglars. Stableexpress can help you find and fit a security gate for the driveway for your home, from heavy wrought iron gates that will make a noise to alert you when someone enters or maybe you’re looking for an electric driveway gate, which can be opened via a remote control or a code. Whatever your needs complete our simple form and get a low cost no obligation free quote.

There are number of ways to detect intrusion onto your property: security electric fence,, infrared barrier or CCTV surveillance systems.

CCTV Camera / Monitoring System

Thanks to the contribution of new technologies, video surveillance has become one of the dominant tool to secure equestrian properties. Video surveillance helps monitor your property allowing you to remotely view your property even when abroad. CCTV also provides evidence of an event and a presence 24/24 without interruption. CCTV integrates with other security and management systems and allows storage.

Alarm Systems

An alarm system for your property can help detect and report intrusions onto your yard. Here at Stableexpress we can help you discover the new alarm systems that are available.

Security For Your Tack Room

Your horses tack can be very desirable to thieves, easy to move and high prices saddles and bridles are often targeted for theft. It is important your tack is kept safe in a secure area in your yard with a good lock, ensure the tack is not kept in your lorry as this is often also targeted by criminals.

Insurance For You Stable Yard

No matter what precautions you take you can never 100% secure your property against potential theft. It is important to note that any security precautions made may help reduce the cost of any insurance policy for your property. Stableexpress can help you in your search for affordable insurance policies.

Horse Security

Your horse is not only a valuable asset but also a much loved pet, everyone has heard about the theft of the famous horse Shergar, but your horse or pony may also be at risk, it is important that you have your horse micro shipped so in the event of theft you could still have a chance of getting your horse back. If your horse has time in the field ensure the gates are secure with lock, also consider other routes into the field including the possibility of someone taking the gate of at the hinges to gain access.
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